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Friday, June 5, 2015


The Najibugis-Rosmah shared dream is becoming a nightmare! The 1pillow is to bury their faces in shame. The 1bedsheet is to wipe tears when they have to leave the RM65 million-renovated residence.


"One of  xxxxxxx's boy just called. He said chicken sh*t and his people were ready for the program waiting in one of the rooms in **TC but then he just "senyap jer", not a word from anybody including Akm*r"

If this is true (and I think it is) it shows how chicken sh*t that moron is really. He was afraid to come out and face the music. Sitting in the next room and getting his performing animals to do the dirty work for him. Then after the all clear, sneaking out quietly or something.

Apparently, Najib was high on hashish unable to leave the room.

Hashish made him lie and talk incongruently. Najib is no liar.


9. ... aggressive campaign to demonise me and to show how much the PM is supported by the people. Clearly large sums of money are being spent on this campaign. My friend is now installed in the Prime Minister’s Office and is working hard to cover up the wrong-doings of 1MDB. The first pages of the mainstream media now carry explanations on how the borrowed funds were spent. They add up neatly to 42 billion Ringgit. Before criticisms were just ignored. A policy of elegant silence was followed. Now Najib has been advised to answer to explain. However, he lost an opportunity to explain when he did not turn up for for the “Nothing to Hide” forum.

10. ... no explanation on the disappearance of the money supposedly brought back from Cayman Islands – six billion US Dollars. No explanation can be made on the denial by the Swiss bank that it received money from 1MDB. No explanation on Arul’s claim that he saw the cash and the PM explaining there was no cash. Now the cash has become units. What units? No explanation also on the inability to pay interest of 2 billion until Ananda donated or loaned 2 billion whatever. Nor is there any explanation as to why 1MDB needs investments of USD1 billion by IPIC to pay debts to Deutsche Bank when 42 billion investments have been made. Is there no returns on the investments? ...

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