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Sunday, June 7, 2015


The Ismailis is an off-shoot of the Fatimid Shi'ah of Egypt. The Nizari da'wa became an off-shoot of the Ismailis declared by Hasan-i-Sabbah 5 years after seizing the castle of Alamut  in 1090 where he operated his realm. He was also called as The Old Man of the Mountain.

It is believed that he promoted the use hashish among his ardent followers on suicide missions to assassinate (corruption of hashish) his  enemies or paid to do so by others. 

An assassin sent by the Old Man stabbed and killed Nizam Muluk.

In a recorded incident, a follower was ordered to jump over the walls of Alamut and he did just that. This was to prove how faithful the followers were to the Old Man. 

Salahudin al-Ayubi during his campaigns against the crusaders escaped death from the knife of an assassin.  His chain body armour saved him. The assassin was put to the sword by guards outside his tent.
The Alamut Castle was impregnable for centuries until Timur overran it.

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