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Saturday, August 8, 2015


Who is the RM2.6billion donor? KJ spinned that UMNO members gave the money. Podah! Once these people got the money through projects and whatnot the money are theirs. We have seen it in many cases. 

A major listed company was given on a platter to a trio of UMNO members, instead of expansion the company is defunct within a few years. The assets were sold to a chinaman conglomerate. The three beneficiaries are of course millionaires at the expense of helping other Malays.

Bastards are running the country. The police state is coming. Instead of arresting the thieves, lo and behold, arrest the catchers of thieves. This is the sad sate of the nation. How cornered and desperate Najibugis (and coterie of morons) resorted to lying (in Parliament ...) and spinning (units? ...) to confound the truth.

Aghast with the bastards, what is there saying some dastardly words to them when the state of the country is spiralling down. Niceties have been thrown out of the window. Reasoning, pleasanteries and patience are running low amongst the rakyat. 

Where does the Ringgit stands now? The cost of living has skyrocketed because of their misgovernance. Dollah raised the price of petrol 3 times a year. Najibugis, the mother of all pretenders did similarly along with GST. 

They want the rakyats' blood to flow! There will come a time when things become intolerable. That already happened to Khalil. What led him to amok. Who killed him? The state or Najib?

The winds of change are coming, we hear. And when the tide comes it'll wait for no man.

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