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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


As a multibillionaire (not PM) Najibugis has the privilege to play golf in Hawaii. Obama could enjoy to such leisure after the works and thrift. A scandalous  person don't. 

Najibugis is beyond recall. The annals of history will bury him deep as the man who stole the government. Many who are thick with "cash is king" eg. Shahrir (1million), Ahmad Maslan (2million) will go down too. 

The saying "to be buried at Wounded Knee" meant to be heroic though tragic. For Najibugis is just the opposite.

It is not golfing just to be pretentious but know the inner workings of Yankee policies and technologies. 

Najibugis doesn't know a thing (about bridges) beyond his nose bridge. His self interest overrides rational judgement. 
New York, the Brooklyn Bridge, begun in 1868, John Roebing. The cable trains were removed in 1944, at the far right, is the Tribune Building, 1873-76, by Richard Morris Hunt.

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