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Friday, August 21, 2015


The 1MDB was not planned yesterday but years ago as early when two devilish tembams got to know each other, Jho Lo and Rosmah. Najib, as a pretender is the front and conduit to siphon billions. They got it all planned way back then. 

It is said that those who plan in the day are more dangerous than those who do at night.

Sloganeering - high income economy, economic transformation, I hear you, rakyat didahulukan and such is just part of the grand design of hidden a agenda to appease, muddle and subjugate peoples' minds. 

Najib is the epitome of a liar. In the parliament he said that part of the 1MDB money was brought back from Cayman Islands and deposited in Singapore due to restrictions from BNM. Later, it was not money but "units" his lapdog had to admit under Najib's orders for sure. As it turned out the money was his, a humongous donation into his personal accounts in Malaysia which was later transferred out to Singapore. 

So, truly Najib's motto is "cash is king". However, it is not the penultimate. It has evolved into "cash is god", a more dangerous paradigm. Anything goes as long as cash is the reward. Whatever moral and religious principles you have are thrown out of the window. Let the devil take the hindmost. 

Thus, the government is full of personified dajjals, big and small nurtured by Najib to serve and protect his position, interests, and survival. In an essence, to a dajjal, what is right is wrong, what is wrong is right. Thus, when the topmost dajjal is dead wrong, he must be rightfully right or wrongfully right depending on the state of minds of the suckers. The leader must be defended at all stakes. 

Indications are that Malaysia is heading to a failed state, a stage when the laws of the jungle prevail. As it is the laws of the country have been turned upside down by Najib himself. "Cash is god" is godless!

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