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Saturday, December 5, 2015


For her 66th birthday, Bic Mama reminiscence's of Brimmer-Pretender's round of golf in Hawaii with Obama several months ago. Imagine half naked Bic Mama gyrating and wriggling her tonggek buttocks to the increasing crescendo of hula music. Something got to burst, either her bra slip or straw skirt! Have fun Bic Mama on your birthday.

Hula dance, made famous by the Hawaiian islands.

Siva dance, Fiji - a version of hula

Maori dance, adapted and modernised of the hula in New Zealand, located at the fringe outside Polynesia.

Exotic dancers on the island of Java, accompanied by an instrument made of sugar-cane, delighted early Dutch explorers with their graceful sensuous movements. Gradually Europeans came to admire such unspoiled and highly civilised aspects of "uncivilised" societies. 

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