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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The world powered by the sun that cast silhouttes and shadows on everything  on the earth that  eclipse its rays. The earth is thus a silhouette. Also, it is a reminder that nothing is permanent that the whole earth is a transient particle, a large one to human beings but minuscule in relation to the whole universe. 

In terms of atomic structure, the sun is likened to be the nucleus and planet earth as one of the electrons orbiting, the others the planets. The earth is also a nucleus with regards to the moon.

The moon is a silhouette during solar eclipse. During lunar eclipse, the earth is the silhouette with respect to the moon.

At dusk

Borobudur at break of dawn

Mt. Bromo, East Java

Fisherman, Arctic

Fighter planes

Land's end, North Island, New Zealand.

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