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Thursday, December 10, 2015


This is an open complaint for further action and improvement addressed to:
1) YDP Majlis Perbandaran Kajang
2) Setiausaha Negeri, Selangor
3) Menteri Besar, Selangor
4) Member of Parliament, Kajang
5) Ketua Setiausaha Negara

The new, 4-year old twin 6-storey MPKJ is located adjacent to the former 2-storey office building (and land) that has been sold(?) for commercial development. The could have allocate part of the land at least for expansion of the much crowded Kajang Hospital.

One Sunday morning several weeks ago, I was amazed to see the large fleet of vehicles the MPKJ operates as seen in the pictures below.

Pic. 1 
Buses: 2 (40+ seater and 20+ seater). The smaller bus not around. 

Pic. 2: Saloon cars - 3, Vans - 3

Pic. 3: Van - 1, Saloons - 2

Pic. 4: Van - 1, Saloons - 3, Twincab - 1

Pic. 5: Vans - 2, Saloons - 2, Twincab - 1

Pic. 6: Van 1; Saloons 3, SUV(?) - 1

Tally of vehicles of MPKJ (most likely an underestimate):
Buses - 2
Saloons - 16
Vans - 8
Twincabs - 2
SUV - 1
Lorries - ?

With a total of more than 30 vehicles, large and small, the MPKJ's mobility is indeed high. For what purpose? The bill for purchasing and maintenance of the vehicles is costly. 

What do the tax payers get? There is so much rubbish heaps around as if the MPKJ do not have a proper system and manpower to do regular clean-up. 

Thus, as far as health and cleanliness maintenance under its jurisdiction is rated poorly. That is one reason why Kajang is famous for rats and dengue!

Pic. 7: Just these people live in low-cost flats, MPKJ can let the rubbish pile-up uncollected many months already.

The YDP is answerable to all these waste and unhealthy environment in Kajang principality. If you are in doubt what is presented, check the facts yourself and make a survey of feedbacks from the people.

All over the country the Majlis Daerahs and Perbandarans are noted for their extravagant, wastage, mismanagement, incompetence. Is there any of them operate in the black? All of them should produce financial annual reports so that the public could monitor what happen to their money.

I have the years of exposure and experience living in other districts - Teluk Intan, Cameron Highlands, Batu Gajah, Tampin, Mukah, Bintulu to back me up. More of the same. 

Efficient systems and technologies are available to dispose wastes. How they do it in Japan? If at 28million people we cannot cope with garbage disposal what more at higher population.

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