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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Tribal people who live in remote jungles are warlike and may even practice cannabalism or human sacrifice. Not too long ago tribal wars were common and survival means that one has to be always on the alert to ward off enemies. In fact, the fiercest tribe survives better than the others. 

Thus, members of different tribes try to look as brave and fierce as they could by making use of various parts of animals (eg. bones, teeth, claws, feathers, skin, tusks, shells) , plants (eg. stem, bark, dye, poison),  various stones and metals for adornment, weaponry, talisman. Perhaps they want to resemble a human with animal-like instincts. 

Nose transfixed, Dani tribesman, Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea


It seems there is a commonality amongst men of tribal people of different lands to practice nose-pricking.

Mah Meri man, Carey Island, Malaysia.

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