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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ahmad Sarji, the former KSN has been helming ASB for a very long time since its inception in 1990 i.e. for 25 years. What accomplishments he made have been done. That should be acknowledged and the depositors thankful.

The dividends for ASB has been on a steady declining trend. It was highest when it began in 1990 (8.00% dividend + 6.00 bonus) and lowest in 2015 (7.25%+0.50) showing a huge difference in bonus. This is not to blame Ahmad Sarji fully on the downtrend because there are many factors come to play that affect unit trust performance.

Ahmad Sarji comes from an established family of Batang Padang, Perak. His father was an accomplished and respected administrator during the British times. 

During his University Malaya education Ahmad Sarji had a farsighted supervisor who advised him to write on Hang Tuah, the legendary Malay warrior for his Bachelor of Arts thesis. Many years later (on/after retirement?) he expanded the manuscript into a book entitled Hang Tuah which was published. Below is one of the many drawings in the book showing Hang Jebat ran amok.

It was related to me by a former history teacher that Ahmad Sarji was at one time a District Officer of Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. He boasted to the former that his wrist watch was $2000. Today, he could be using a much more expensive watch comparable if not more than Zahid's if he wants to. 

What I am trying to say that Ahmad Sarji has earned his keeps in heeps beyond a former civil service man. He should be on second retirement (from  ASB) so to speak. He has been taking care of his health like going to Ampang Hospital a couple of months ago.

 I am sure he is a man of wisdom not to work till drop dead. There are younger people he has trained who can over leading ASB. No one is indispensable including Najib.

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