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Sunday, January 31, 2016


The old Silk Road from Europe to Xian  passed through Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the land of the Uyghurs. Within a span of more than six decades (1941-2007), due to purposeful Chinese policy, there have been exodus of Hans into Xinjiang as such they make up about 50% of the population by now from 4% (1941).

Naturally, the Uygurs are threatened of their autonomy, businesses, culture, and resources that need to be shared. And China curtails all religions and this affect Islamic adherence of the Uygurs.

Quite recently, the Ambassador of China got down on the streets of Kuala Lumpur telling to treat the everybody equally meaning that of the Chinese here. Is he aware of the Hans 'invasion' of the Uygurs?

One dot equals 5000 persons (2007 data), 'other' includes Hui, Kygyz, and additional ethnic groups representing 8% of Xinjiang's population.

Distinctly Uygur, the Sunday bazaar in Layka teems with shoppers in colorful scarves and embroidered caps. Here livestock sales, the hawking of crafts, and matchmaking schemes unfold as in generations ...

Unbowed by the sandstorms, pilgrims pray at the graves of Islamic saints during the Imam Asim festival near Hotan. Chinese authorities restrict activities but so far have tolerated rural religous gatherings.

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