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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Prehistoric men survived as hunter-gatherers. They were nomadic. Even today there are societies partly leading nomadic life. 

Civilisation began when man learned to domesticate animals and cultivate plants. Gradually in the course of thousands of years life became less nomadic and move towards sedentary pattern.

Thus, during the early times hunting is an obsession based on primal instinct to obtain food. Primitive weapons such as spears and later bows and arrows were fashioned for hunting. 

Ancient etching of a deer hunting scene.

Borneo, Kenyah hunter carrying a wild boar shot using blowpipe.

Red Indian hunting bisons on horseback.

Catching fish in a communal way.

Camouflage as a bird to stalk games.

Tiger hunt on elephants as a sport, Nepal.

Scene at the final moments of a hunting session during Mughal times. Several of the wild and game animals that survived during the hunting drive are now fully encircled by officials of the emperor as the circle got tighter and tighter.  

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