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Sunday, March 13, 2016


A typical Malay small talk is "bini berapa". It is meant to be an opening conversation piece and not to be taken seriously. It is like a joke. 

A typical Malay glamour girl is "nak cari anak datuk". A glamour lady wants a datuk. That is a common theme in TV dramas. 

Adenan is a typical Malay who delves in small talk at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although it is meant  to spice his speech, it is unbefitting for a leader to say such in public worse still to a (failed) leader who is known for nafsu kuat (refer Sanusi) and scandalously rich. 

Ramifications (imagined or real) of "kahwin Iban":

 i)  Adenan knows that Najib has the billions to spend and surely can afford more than Bic Mama;

ii) Najib is in Sarawak because of nafsu kuat and not so much for development sake;

iii) Adenan knows what type of keris between the legs the Bugis keeps;
iv) He wants to cajole or bribe Najib with local delicacies of the flesh type in return for some favours like a billion, job security, and what else;

v) Earlier on the fuckeda billionaire has put the idea across to Adenan "lama tak tidur rumah panjang";

vi)  Iban girls are plentiful, hard up and cheap. Najib can have his pick as tender as he wants;

vi) Adenan wants to fastrack high income economy using Najib to get an Iban or two to be billionaire(s);

vii) If the Pretender convert and marry the girl, he could go to syurga, now (figuratively) and then (literally);

viii) Adenan shows disrespect for the Ibans and the many ethnics of Sarawak;

ix) What Bic Mama got to say for Adenan's disrespect for her;

x) Bic Mama got to cast more jampis like nasi kangkang on hubby to keep on tow;

xi) Lingering perceptions that the Dyaks are exotic people to be exploited;

xii) Adenan wants Najib to lose his head figuratively and literally. If the latter happens then Adenan is the saviour of Malaysia! And Najib mati syahid while on the job

xiii) Does Adenan knows what an Iban girl could do that girls of other ethnics (Bidayuh, Kelabit, Belawan, Malay, Chinese, Melanau, Murut, Orang Ulu, Punan, Penan etc.) cannot do?

xiv) He  seems to condone a liar of a character for a leader.

p.s. Five years in Sarawak, ah, some Iban girls that I know!

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