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Thursday, March 24, 2016


KJ is just like a grown-up boy monkeying around. He seeks cheap publicity - went through askar wataniah training, playacting as a fitness buff. With all this inconsequential things he failed to oversee what matters in the Ministry. 

Gone is RM100 million under KJ's very nose. He should be responsible and resign. What happened to the RM250 lembu condo case and the 2.6 billion in Najib's pocket he would ask. If they can get away with much bigger amounts then he has nothing to worry. The bangang Najib keeps all the bangangs around him for a purpose. But they will drown him into the drains.

He is ambitious. He is among the 4th floor boys in Putrajaya. He wants to be the youngest PM. He is against subsidies.

The UMNO Disciplinary committee found him corrupt but Dolah the sleepy head wanted him to be the Umno youth leader and not to be challenged.

Kementerian Belia and its minister has upped the rakyat's hatred towards UMNO. PRU14 is curtains for Barisan.

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