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Thursday, February 23, 2017


1. A failed Nottingham Univerity student as PM of Malaysia. 

2. A PM who set up a rouge 1MDB investment to siphon out billions. 

3. RM2.6billion went into his private bank account and bullshitting that it was a donation. 

4. GST and spiralling of cost of living.

5. An international pariah  PM who dare not step onto the soils of Mongolia, Cayman Island, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Australia (Sirul waiting), Bangladesh (promise broken), Geneva (PBB). 

5. Malaysia, a hotbed of mysterious incidents:
a) Scorpene kickback
b) Altanthuya C4-ed
c)  Mysterious deaths - Nazali, Bala, Khalil …
d) Disappearance of MH370 
e) MH711 downed by a missile
f) Murder of Jung-Nam

6. Malaysia, a playground for secret operatives of many countries (N. Korea, S. Korea, USA, Israel, Singapore, China, Russia …) plotting, killing.

7. IS cells in our midst. 

8. Too many Menteri bangangs.

9. Selective arrest of corrupts. The biggest fish is made free by AG.

10. Governance shift from democracy to authoritarian to dictatorship.

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