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Friday, February 3, 2017


It's no wonder Najib dare not use his private jet. His holiday trip to Brisbane was on official plane.

The net is closing on the Cash King.

MO1's Bombardier Jet Bought By JoLo With Money Stolen From Malaysia.                                                       JET GLOBAL 5000 N689WM HAS BEEN IN A HANGAR IN SINGAPORE SELETAR AIRPORT WITH A RED NOTICE PASTED ON IT'S DOOR FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING.ONE BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 5000 JET AIRCRAFT, BEARING MANUFACTURER'S SERIAL NUMBER 9265 AND REGISTRATION NUMBER N689WM, ITS TOOLS AND APPURTENANCES, AND AIRCRAFT LOGBOOKS. The Unites States of America brings this complaint against the above-captioned assets and alleges as follows : PERSONS AND ENTITIES 1. The plaintiff is the United States … 

(Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box)

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