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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isu Royalti. Feb 23 2010


I am a newcomer to your blog, being new to blogging in fact. I have read several of your postings and will do the rest. There is much meat in your writings, and the arguments, proposals, ideas, vision are convincing and make much sense especially at these dire times.

As the wellknown culture in UMNO, intelligence and independent thoughts are not so welcomed. The evidence can be seen in the cabinet lineup. Too many of them. Once they open their mouths trash come out.

They are weakening the PM. Najib got to weed them out or got to be totally weeded out, all of them in PRU13. Well, he got the chance at the very beginning but failed to do it.

Thus braininess is a threat, real or imagine to herd mentality, groupings, positions of power. Vested interests can overide national wellbeing

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