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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ku Li to replace nik aziz: feb 24 2010

sustainablelivinginstitute (10:51:19) :

We are talking about sustainabilty of communities, state and a nation above and beyond parochial politics. If the people wants it, Ku Li is willing and Allah grants it why not. He is the man of the hour to lead the state at least if not Malaysia.

But as an outsider, I must say that the Kelantanese are not predictable. (Not really an outsider though because 7 generations or so ago, my children on the maternal side inherited the genes of an Indian Muslim Kadzi who married a Patani princess)

He has been up and more downs in the political arena. He has been obediently serving UMNO for years and years bidding time in his elegant ways but at the same time he has not been idle either. He was and is building substance. If he has made mistakes as everyone does, he would have learned and atone them.

There is nothing much in UMNO left for him. With the new lamentable line-up he is much an outcast. What a waste of talent if he can bring good to the people and country!

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