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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mohd Najib: Feb 21 2010


Apa yang DS Rosmah hendak bayangkan ialah "Still water runs deep". Jangan sangka air yang tenang itu tiada buaya.

For every succesful man there is a woman as the saying goes. The public may have a wrong notion of DSR's frontline approach as often depicted by the media or word of mouth. Hence the hidden hand perception. We are used to sideline approach, rightly so of wives of former premiers and top politicians.

It is sometimes difficult to hide ones true emotions and personality especially under stress and duress. Thought that table banging, finger pointing and fist showing is part of it. But that is not good either for it may end up in fracas. Anyway, the most important thing is coming up with the right decisions at the right time to solve the prioritised issues with wisdom to be translated into public good.

On the PERMATA Pintar program is something like adding salt to sea water or export carpets to Belgium. Those children involve are creme de la creme and come from urban, established families who have the means and the know what to do with their children.

The fact is that the needy and deprived ones in the rurals should be given more attention in terms of facilities and opportunities. This would be fair. Go and see the small town and rural schools in Sarawak and Sabah and you know what I mean. The same applies to sekolah BISTARI concept carried out under Najib before.

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