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Friday, September 20, 2013


Nationalism has completely erased the sense of brotherhood and belonging among the Malays of Nusantara, people of the same stock thousands of years ago. Along the way divisiveness got more entrenched along belief and religous lines. It is only in the Philippine archipelago we found the majority of Christian Malays.

The upshot is that we loose sensitivities of happenings towards Malay brotheren elsewhere in the Nusantara. It was a rude reminder when a Filipino scientist I met more than a decade ago said that we are of the same stock.

The Malays of the Philippines  met savage massacres inflicted by the Spaniards and then by the Americans  when they conquer and rule their land. They fought bravely against odds of superiorly armed enemies on land and water in honour of motherland.

After their civil war, the Americans thought of world power and thirst for expansionism of the white race and christianity.

Evil eyes on the Philippines as their centre of territorial expansion under the guise of so called benevolence.

Faked naval defeat of the Spaniards at Manila by the Yankees.

Then followed by deceit, hunger, torture, and massacre of local populace, the Malays - killing fields.

As a strategy they decimated the buffalo population by 90% that brought hunger to the Malays.

Torture of Malays by waterboarding.

The revolt at Samar where a number of American marines were killed resulted in retaliatory massacre of Malays 10 years and older on that island. Thousands upon thousands were massacred.

Even after the dust and lava from the eruption Mt Pinatubo almost buried their naval base many years ago, their evil ways are still ongoing pitting Christian Malays against Muslim Malays.

There must be payback time for the all the blood they spilt the world over (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan ...) including in their homeland against  Red Indians and bisons, and African slaves.

Source: James Bradley, 2009. The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War. Back Bay Books, New York 387pp

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  1. Thank you. I am afraid I am too horrified to give any dignified comment at the moment.

    But I am grateful I thought to visit today, and learned of this history.