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Sunday, September 22, 2013


The animal farm belongs to the flip-flopping Najib who must be put to pasture at UGM. UMNO is already at its bottom pit. Under his governance Malaysia is on mongrous spending and irreversible  downtrend.

Small-headed meeky pretending to show big.

Looking for collapsed balls.

Pet animal ashamed.

First lady wannabe.

Of the many lapdogs.

Monster riders and little napoleons.

Monkeys monkeying around.

Slow as a pair of armadillos on the highway.

Hungry buayas abound.

Vultures and carrions.

Rumours of intertwining coupling.

Longhorns in paddocks (and condos!).

Feed DAPigs.

Eventually all animals fossilised like the mammoth's largesse fail to adapt with climatic change.

Anyone for Ku Li? He has learned his lesson with Semangat 46. After being quite for so long there is no love lost to burnt the hornet's nest which has become a nuisance to all and the country. Bravo Ku Li do the needful.

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