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Thursday, September 26, 2013


As one go up Cameron Highlands via Spg Pulai there are 3 popular water holes where tourists and locals get mountain mineral water for drinking purportedly of healing value. The nearest one partly hidden and off the road is about 12km from Spg. Pulai, the second about about 10km further up and the third about  12km before the junction to Kg. Raja.

People bring water bottles and larger plastic containers sometimes by the dozens to fill in with water flowing out from plastic pipings inserted about a metre high into the base of hillsides. I used to do that before getting a good water filter installed at home. Its taste is different that from that of filtered water.

Some years ago I have read a report by a German scientist that have studied Air Zamzam having unique properties including arrangement of the molecules H-O-H. There are other studies by different scientists that I have not come across.

A world reknown Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto has studied the crystal structure of different types water.

It is as if water has a soul and alive!

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