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Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Chairman of 1MDB who is also the Finance Minister must resign for being stupid in investing the billions of borrowed money but not for the country's development. The borrowings were at abnormally high interest rates! 

How to recover @ RM1 billion of losses by 1MDB?

The opium poppy, scientific name Papaver somniferum has been cultivated since antiquity in the Eurasian region. It is an annual with showy flowers. 

The biggest culprit in the opium trade was the British. They occupied Hong Kong in 1841 and declared as colony in 1843. It was used it as a gateway to trade with mainland (Imperial) China via the port of Canton (now Guangzhao). In 1893, one-fourth of HKs revenue came from opium. In 1906 the government of Hong Kong derived 2 million dollars as revenue annually from opium.

Under the pretext that Canton was unjust in their trading led to the First Opium War (1838-40). Hong Kong became the centre of opium trade. The Second Opium War (1858-60) was a false flag to gain more land in which Kowloon and Stone Cutters were added to colonial rule.

France (1884-85), Japan (1894-95), Germany also came into foray for land grabs. 

Opium was already a serious menace to Imperial China, so in 1906 she decreed to abolish opium within 10 years. The last emperor of China, Empress Dowager was hopelessly hooked on opium.

To hide their (past) evil opium trade, The British cleverly potray that the poppy flowers are innocent. On the occasion of 'poppy day' school children of the Commonwealth would fork out their meager pocket money for donations in return for poppy flowers. 

Poor villagers of the Golden Triangle may grow poppy around their dwellings.  The flowers after bloom will become into poppy heads (fruit buds) where longitudinal cuts are made. After sometimes when the exudate (resin) become dry, it is collected as raw opium.

The congealed resin is collected using a scraper.

Numerous black seeds from a ripe fruit of poppy. (In Turkey, tourists can taste ice cream with poppy seeds which I have tried). 

The Golden Triangle stretches from Laos in the east to Burma in the west, northern Thailand in the south and northwards to (southern) Yunnan. 

The raw opium when processed into heroin becomes a white powder.

International smuggling of heroin in its various ways that customs, immigration, police, and other security people got to keep on the lookout.

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