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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Brimmer, the champion of moderates of the world. The lover of moderates.

Do not pretend to be a philosopher putting new theories and catch phrases. You will be misinterpreted. How many times you shoot your own foot! Just do the right things. Just do it.

Now, you say 'people centred'. Isn't it obvious? Was it that you have been doing something else not for the people? Like 1MDB? 

'Rakyat didahulukan', isn't it people centred? Linguistic prowess to note but  nothing really. 

On (moderate?) love:  Put her on fire!

You unzip?

Follow the Kama Sutra?

Eat Dhab meat and rub on the oil?

Let snakes slither all over?

Ride the beast?

Lick the froggy?

Play threesome as in OWC?

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