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Sunday, November 16, 2014


The hosts, Chinese Premier and wife were greeting dignitaries in Beijing. The protocol of shaking hands (husband's and wife's turns) . When came to their turn Najib and FLOM decided for a change. They kind of performed a shuffle dance choreographed by FLOM perhaps. 

The event was televised worldwide and everyone who saw it had a good laugh because it was a new dance unseen before! How creative! 

The world is full of dances unique to each of the myriads of ethnics and cultures. Added to this people just introduce new dances by the day just like the shuffle dance.

A Bidayuh dance

Sewang of Orang Asli

Exotic dancers on the island of Java, accompanied by an instrument made of sugar-cane stalks, delighted early Dutch explorers with their graceful, sensuous movements. Gradually Europeans came to admire such unspoiled and highly civilised aspects of "uncivilised" societies.

Some Maoris still practice ceremonial dances. The gallantry of the Maoris who declared land wars of 1800-70, resulted in respect for these courteous people and recognition.

Melanesian dance of spirit impersonation, Ambrin Island, New Hebrides.

Mudmen dance, New hebrides

A dance performed as a mark of respect to visitors, Viti Levu Island, Fiji.

Festival dance, Yap, Caroline Islands, Micronesia.

Ceremonial dance, performed in traditional costume on the reservations, is today a popular tourist attraction. The 4,000 Kiowas are centred on Caddo County, Oklahoma, but many have left the reservation to live and work in the cities.

Ushering the Qiang new year. People of the Qiang ethnic celebrating their new year in Lixian County of southwest Sichuan province.

Modern dance

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