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Saturday, November 15, 2014


The grand design is continuing the crusade using brinkmanship strategies on Muslims to self-destruction along their weaknesses especially on religious misunderstandings. 

Brinkmanship is about pushing us near to the end of catastrophe and then pull out. This already happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and next Syria.

By stoking the fire of hatred, disunity, paranoia, corrupt governance, civil strife, propaganda, hypocrisies, sanctions, war on terrorism, missile bombardments, the means justifies the end to the brink. 

The Muslims must survive to the end of the brinkmanship games but how? Unless we put our acts together in all aspects of life we would be more miserable in time to come. 

They may plan but Allah is the Greatest Planner of all.

Read more on "Why Terrorism Continues to Flourish" in:
When you view events taking place at Jerusalem and the indifference of the global community leadership (including the UN) to resolve the Palestinian issue of statehood, it is obvious, that no matter what is said against terrorism, it will fall on deaf ears. Society in general will comply out of fear but that fear will diminish when it is obvious that there is no hope. The global leadership needs to act more responsibly and quit its hypocrisy and double standards. It has to put aside self-interest and maintain justice. In Britain, you have both Sunni and Shi’a TV/Radio stations attacking one another. The BBC reported that nothing was done to close them down but at the same time action is taken against Brits going to fight in Syria. On one hand, mischief is being undertaken to spread hatred and at the same time action is being taken against those who get carried away by the same mischief! So what is the motive here? Is it about freedom of speech or pure mischief?
On the religious front, Muslim scholars can come up with many arguments in favour of reasoning and rationalising Islamic dogma. We can come up with valid arguments over fatwas (religious edicts) and its validity and application according to circumstances, but the truth remains the same – there is a lack of justice. You can’t contain a boiling pot from exploding when its contents dry up inside.
I am a Sufi by belief. I do not favour terrorism but the outcome of existing factors and the lack of justice lead to it. Whatever religious solutions or arguments we may put forward against terrorism, the fact remains the same i.e. it is the outcome of injustice. To resolve this issue forever, we need to resolve core issues, the reason why terrorism exists.
Muslims in general can be educated over awareness of what the message of the Qur’an delivers. In this world of sophistication and manipulation, we can point out the finer points of awareness over undertaking jihad. These aspects are important because things and situations do not normally appear to be that Islamic in nature. There are so many proxy wars being conducted with many innocent Muslims being taken for a ride. What appears to be an Islamic cause is actually self-interest and not God’s interest. In the end, the struggle is not about God or religion, it is about self-interest, power and deceit.
If we take it to another level in religion, when society loses faith in God and humankind; when this takes place, it is one of anger, hatred and destruction. It no longer has anything to do with Islam. Jihad just becomes an excuse to even the score. When this point is reached, people are prepared to die. God no longer exists in the equation because the oppressed who are depending on justice feel let down by both God and humankind. If someone asked, where was God during September 11, Muslims would enquire over why He continues to permit the Jews to act unchecked over Palestine. They would then reach a conclusion that it appears that the answer lies with them to do something about it because mankind has been invested with freedom of choice.
What we are witnessing today is extremism in all directions. The middle-path and. Moderation is no longer viable. To get things done, violence has to be resorted to. Things are spiralling out of control and the  global leadership has to bear responsibility over it. We are reaching a point of no return; where the reason to kill has no meaning. Instead, it is replaced with the notion that if you do not kill, you will be killed! It i a frightening situation, where the real terrorists are those fighting against terrorism. May God saves such from all this by acting before things get out of hand. (HMStork)

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