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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The 'Ring of Fire' around the Pacific Ocean is where volcanic and earthquake activities regularly occur. Indonesia and the Philippines lie along the Ring of Fire. Malaysia lies away from the ring and thus safe from catastrophes.

The 'Ring of Fire' coincides along the fissures (pic) of the earth's tectonic plates in the Asian region.

Diagrammatic cross-section of the earth showing the layers of crust, inner mantle, outer mantle, liquid outer core, and solid inner core.

Eruption of a volcano. Fissures along tectonic plates are weak points where magma originated from the liquid outer core can violently forced out through the vent and crater of volcano.

Krakatoa volcano on the south-eastern coast of Sumatra erupted in1882. The ash formed black clouds that circulated around the globe.

In the Philippines, Mt. Pinatubo was dormant for some 500 years. About 15 years ago, it suddenly erupted with such force that thick lava and ash covered the American Naval base located at its foothill, Subic Bay. The Yankees left.

Japan situated along the Ring of Fire had its worst 20th century earthquake (Tokyo) in 1923 that caused 200,000 deaths.

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