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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Najibugis, a non-pendatang warrior is fearless. Come what may be it the Mongols, FBI, CIA, Mossad.

The sleeping sickness spread to him from Dolah. 
I wonder how those two jokers fare in defending my political career. Endless possibilities.

The dude is brazen enough to claim initially that the RM2.6billion is to fight the IS meaning that he  challenge them. Do you hear that Mahmud? His 2.6 billion is safe but frozen leaving no option for ransom. Later, he changed the story and said that an Arab sheikh donated the money.  A liar isn't it?

Mahmud (left)

Again the 2.6billion may entice IS to bring Paris to Putrajaya.

Guantanamo does not shiver him. Obama (soon to  visit here) won't put him in there for sure. Otherwise, they have to play golf within the walls of Guantanamo! 

Anyway, Obama got Najibugis in a fix where he wanted him to be. The massive dossiers on Altantuya, Scorpene, 1MDB are turning him into a puppet on the strings. As a result Malaysia is a country compromised. MH370 and MH17 are proof enough.

His religious minister played golf in New York (Najibugis in Hawaii) at government - YaPIEM expenses. Not to worry Najib won't do anything to him afraid that the fellow would turn around and say what is there 500,000 compared to 2.6billion?

So, Jihadi John don't ask him when the fuck he is going to resign. But he is ready for martyrdom. 

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