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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Bey Yussef Karamanli, younger brother of Bey Hassan was the first foreign ruler to declare war on the United States in the late 1790s. As a result of that and for other reasons - revenge for the first insult (How dare you!), piracy, trading, foothold into north Africa, show of naval power, the U.S. blockaded Libya at its harbour, Tripoli in 1802. 

Two hundred years later Libya was again blockaded this time both at sea and air. The years of sanction food supplies, medicine, equipments and others caused massive hardships to people. 

Food became insufficient, hunger and malnutrition widespread. When people are hungry they become angry against the government and leaders. Protest groups were encouraged and financially supported by outsiders with wicked agenda. 

All it needs is to stoke the fire and the U.S. is good at it through disinformation and misinformation.  U.S. and Britain destroyed Libya and the country is still in turmoil. Perhaps that is the objective of the white devils not to let any Muslim country be peaceful and grow in strength.

Mahathir was among the few leaders who were against the sanction. Malaysia provided some educational material support for Libya. Come jackass Dollah, he signed the "Oil for Food" programme.

Islamic leaders kneel in prayer at a mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, during a conference of Muslim nations. To the right of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia ( in white) is fellow-Arab President Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya. Delegates from over 35 nations attended the talks.

Much of his (earlier) time as President, Qaddafi was the last "Great Arab Hope,"  a benevolent one. He gave aids to many Muslim countries and people. The Moros of Mindanao received financial aid for development and to build mosques.

Meeting of minds. On August 29, President Sadat and Qaddafi signed an agreement merging Egypt with Libya - at least in theory, if not in fact.

At the end of the civil war Qaddafi was finally killed by his own people. Or was it? Are the people happier now than before? The infighting is still ongoing. 

Libya, once part of the great Carthage Empire (Emperor Hannibal and his army crossed the Alps on elephants and burned Rome) is in chaos. Qaddafi was no Hannibal.

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