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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well, well, the Ketua Bahagians have been fattened up (like fattening cows before slaughter) by Najib from his 2.6billion.  The KBs will not reveal how much they get for they surely want to keep the lion share. They want to minimise sharing the loot with the Cawangans. Greed breeds greed.

Ketua Cawangans will get tit-bits if at all. They do the donkey's work with the grassroots but get meagre sums. They have committee members to take care too. They bear the brunt of complaints, displeasures, curses from the grassroots.

Many of the KBs are ball lickers, corrupt, arrogant and determine to hold their posts as if for life. The KB Batu Gajah is a case in point. Now the KCs  are getting tired of toeing the line and want to challenge them. 

We have a leader who is a daylight liar and robber. The 2.6billion in the pocket is to fight IS, then for UMNO. The 1MDB fiasco revealed many more lies.

The good conscience of many of the KCs are taking over their inertia. They want change and hopefully have the will to bring Najib down. Those who are paranoid like Zahid would smell of dalang(s) that provoke the KCs.

Bravo, bravo.

(Tukar Tiub's blog)

An investigation will be carried out over allegations that a senior officer in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) made derogatory remarks about Najib Razak at a dinner recently, said  Ahmad Maslan.

The deputy minister told the Dewan Rakyat today that the issue was brought to the attention of the minister, who said he would check the allegation. Tiong King Sing (BN-Bintulu), in debating Budget 2016 earlier, said the official had criticised the prime minister, saying he was an“incapable, worthless cow” in the presence of foreign dignitaries and local corporate captains.

This was posted in Facebook by someone who was present when the official reportedly made the remark. Ahmad Maslan, in wrapping up the budget debate at committee stage for the ministry, said the matter had been communicated to the minister.

 At this juncture, Tiong stood up to tell the deputy minister that the complaint against the ministry’s senior official was serious and should be speedily dealt with. – November 23, 2015. 

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108 Ketua2 Cawangan Johor Pula Protes Malam Ini ! TERBAIK !! ( video )

Monday, November 23, 20150 comments

Dibawah adalah video sidang media majlis Solidariti Ketua2 dan Ketua2 Pemuda Cawangan dari 108 cawangan dari 7 bahagian Umno di Negeri Johor yang berlangsung malam tadi di Johor Baru.

Tuan2 dan Puan2 sekelian,

Menyedari bahawa Umno berada  di dalam situasi yang amat rumit, kami ketua2 cawangan Umno dari 6 bahagian di negeri Johor telah mengambil langkah2  bagi mencegah parti politik keramat ini menjadi bahan sejarah yang tidak mempunyai sebarang erti.

Begitu banyak sekali jasa yang telah ditaburkan oleh Umno kepada negara dan bangsa. Kami tidak rela melihat ianya menjadi mangsa keadaan pihak tertentu yang akhirnya menjadi momokan sepanjang zaman,

Bersuaranya kami bukanlah mencari publisiti murahan atau meletakkan parti tercinta ini dalam situasi yang merumitkan. Bersuaranya kami adalah ekoran cetusan rasa ikhlas dan tanggungjawab yang tinggi. Kami tidak mempunyai niat buruk. Kami juga tidak dibayar dengan wang oleh mana2 individu. 

Wang ringgit tidak penting buat kami. Apa yang lebih penting dan bermakna adalah nasib dan masadepan anak cucu kita. Kami tidak rela Presiden atau orang2 Presiden memperjudikan masa depan anak cucu kami.

Bangsa Malaysia mengharapkan pembelaan dan kami tidak rela melihat rayuan mereka diabaikan begitu saja. Ahli2 parti mengharapkan keberanian dari kami untuk bersuara. Kami dengan ini menyahut seruan dari mereka. 

Perjumpaan kami pada hari ini tidak didalangi oleh sesiapa. Malahan kami tidak berjuang untuk sesiapa kecuali untuk generasi masa depan dan agama.

Sehubungan dengan perjumpaan kami pada malam ini telah membuat ketetapan seperti berikut -

1- Presiden Umno perlu meletak jawatan kerana telah banyak kerosakan yang dilakukannya.

2- Jangan merosakkan lagi parti dengan mengambil langkah dengan menggantung keahlian mana2 pemimpin kerana mengkritik Presiden dalam pengurusan parti.

3- Pemilihan parti perlu dijalankan dan jangan ditangguhkan.


(Refer Sakmongkol AK47)

Let’s look at another of his corrupting ways, perfecting a reward system that favours the politically connected, did not do well in school etc.
The building for our permanent representative to the UN is located in New York. Its address is 313 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, United States. It’s also near to the permanent mission buildings of several other countries- Dutch, Armenia and so forth. It’s also near the Westin Hotel New York.
The building housing our permanent representative to the UN will undergo massive renovation works very soon. It will be a multimillion Dollar project. Unfortunately it is nothing near the RM2.6 billion figure. That is a pity- it would have been a good source to profit and earn gargantuan commissions.
Guess who will be the contractor?
Even this chicken feed business does not escape the attention of PM Najib. This small business has been ordered to be given to the PM’s son in law, Daniyar Nazarbayev.  There was no tender, open or controlled open.  I hope this news is not true. If it were, it affirms how insatiable and rapacious Najib is.  Even small business he wants them all.

Zahid main hidung bukan otak! Kena cium bontot Najib hari2. He is the Dalang Ciumer, a paranoid kaki cium disposition. He has to play the game to survive the political morass. Deep in his heart he knows Najib is in the twilight zone.

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