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Friday, November 27, 2015


Islanders in the South Pacific (Oceania), geographically isolated from land masses must depend on traditional knowledge inherited through generations, natural resources, and ingenuity for survival, livelihood and health. 

Polynesian group of islands to the right, Micronesia top left, Melanesia bottom left  (fig. below).

Sea food and coconut (known as Tree of Life) are abundant around/on the islands. Their main worry is to cure sicknesses if not attended early enough can be debilitating and bring death.

Polynesian traditional healer using herbal medicine (pic).

Fortunately, there are  found much diversity of medicinal plants on the islands for use to cure illnesses. It is interesting to note that 17% of the medicinal plants of Polynesia are used in Western medicine.

Remedy for sick children.

Morinda citrifolia - noni (Oceania), mengkudu (Malay)

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