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Thursday, November 3, 2016


MO1 thinks he has outsmarted Premier Xi with the 55billion loan. He is going to sell the country to pay back the loan. Future generations will suffer. Don't think of the Chinese giving him a safe haven when ousted.

Don't talk that Najib is Muslim or what. While in China and going by the "Analects" of Confucius, MO1 is an outright reject. 

Confucius told the nincompoop a few things:
If you do not consider the future, you will be in trouble when it comes near.
If you make a mistake, then you must not be afraid of correcting it.
Harmony is the most valuable.
Rule by moral force.

Friendship with the upright, the devoted and the learned is profitable.
Think of justice at the sight of profit, and sacrifice when faced with danger.

Stature of Confucius, whose philosophies became popular during the Warring States Period.

A Confucius class.

A 16th century ceramic box lid depicts a district magistrate trying a case. As the local representatives of the imperial government, magistrates were steeped in Confucius learning.

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