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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Trump said he wants to make America great again. To do that he has to rectify or debunk certain internal and foreign policies and set new ones. 

He has to clean up America meaning that money laundering, 1MDB to cite one example will be dealt with in full measure. Trump will see to it that the culprits gets their dues. Being a New Yorker he will sweep clean off the 1MDB's fiasco.

On the global business Trump has to  make good against China. The Americans voted him for that partly. There is no such as playing second fiddle. 

For Najib, a kleptomaniac, there is more than enough bullets for Trump to bump him to oblivion. Trump has no time for buddy-buddy kind of thing for a liar. 

Mahathir has summarised the mess that Najib created for the country and to himself.

"… current leader to be a kleptocrat, accused of stealing billions of Ringgit from the Government, having 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account from unknown source, incurring billions of Ringgit in debts, losing billions of Ringgit in dubious investments, suppressing the rule of law, abusing laws and power, being accused by the whole world of corruption, buying Government land at RM60/- psf and selling at RM3,500/- psf, usurping the authority of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to declare emergency and suppress laws, denial of parliamentary right to debate, hiding reports of criminal act behind OSA etc…"

Apparently, Najib's mentor is JLo, the Chinese tsunami will bury him deeper.

(courtesy jebatmustdie)

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