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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Trump rhethorics during his campaigns for the presidency resonates that of Roosevelt.

The Rock Springs Massacre, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Theodore Roosevelt wrote, "No greater calamity could now befall the United States than to have the Pacific slope fill up with a Mongolian population." Harper's Weekly, September 26, 1885.

"Nineteenth-century democracy needs no complete vindication for its existence than the fact it has kept for the white race the best portions of the new world's surface." (1897)

"Many good persons seem prone to speak of all wars of conquest as necessarily evil. This is, of course a shortsighted view. In its after effects a conquest may be fraught either with evil or with good for mankind, according to the comparative worth of the conquering and conquered peoples …. The world would have halted had it not been for the Teutonic conquests in alien lands; but the victories of Moslem over Christian have always proved a curse in the end." (1898)

"The Administration's Promises Have Been Kept" (Republican campaign poster, 1900). The McKinley-Roosevelt ticket potrayed the U.S. military's invasions as benevolent: "The American flag has not been planted in foreign soil to acquire more territory but for humanity's sake." This humanitarian justification for military action resonates with the American public.

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