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Monday, November 7, 2016


The greatest human catastrophe of the 20th century began 1948 when parts of Palestine was taken over by zionists. The Palestinians were forced out of their homeland and became refugees. The exodus to neighbouring Arab countries was massive. More refugees fled in the 1967 war.

And the world is ever in conflict thereafter when the basic law of sovereignty was thrown out of the window. The UN for world peace and security aftermath of WW2 has been reduced to a toothless tiger.

Apparently, the Saudi's policy is "take no refugees" not even the Palestinians, their brother Arabs then and now. It is not only selfish but heartless.

Now they are war with Yemen, IS is in their heartland, the corona virus has created fear in Mecca, national debt increasing (low oil price), internal dissent is mounting. The day of reckoning has begun!

A relocation camp. From 1948 through 1951, 700,000 immigrants passed through camps en route to permanent homes.

Palestian refugees crossing the River Jordan to the East Bank during the 1967 war.

Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan posed a severe political dilemma for King Husseins' government. Jordan climed to represent Palestinians on its soil at international conferences, but many refugees and some other Arab governments recognised the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as the refugees' bargaining agent. The matter was resolved at the Arab Summit conference at Rabat when Jordan finally yielded to the claims of the PLO.

Uncertain future. Jordanian refugees, hastily fleeing the territory occupied by the Israeli army, head toward the Jordan River.

Armed guards, eight and ten year olds, stand watch outside a camp where young Arabs are trained as junior Fatah commandos.

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