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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Che Det on Buses for Rapid KL: Comment 1

By al-Din on October 26, 2009 7:06 PM

After Tun this country will go BUST. There are so many things not not right and getting worse. I am not saying that during Tun's time there were no man eat man.

At all levels in the country from the family unit to the governance of community, kampong, district, state, institutions, resources ... and to the highest echelon are in shambles.

Systems are there but simply abused mainly by greed. And greed is exemplified from the top that filters to the bottom.

The grand wastage starts from the district level because the DOs are incompetent or full of personal interests or both.If the districts are mismanaged then the state is bankcrupt. Name me any state in Malaysia which is not one. They can get dole from Federal anyway. Ultimately, the nation is bankcrupt. We get dole from IMF and we blame the Jews.

To cite an example (out of the many thousands I am sure) of sheer waste. Years ago in Cameron Highlands, the DO demolished the beautiful and solid district office building, a leftover of the British, and built a new one on the same spot. What a waste of rakyat's money (they forgot about that). The former building could be used for a library.

This the same in the corporate sector. Among the highest paid CEO is from a GLC bank. The staff may protest but who cares - let the devil take the hindmost.

The miscreants work (knowingly) hand in glove with the powers to be. They can escape punitive actions if ever taken. Still, the people who hold the cards are the government officials. They should be apprehended. Rarely we hear such actions taken.

Rapid KL and Penang Transit debacle. Can MACC or Najib really fathom this out? I doubt. There is too much of I rub yours and you rub mine going on. I know what skeletons you hide and you know mine. Let's shut up.

Only Allah knows what's the plan for the Malays in their own homeland. Only after a century plus of Chinese presence we are still begging for 30% take!

Greed is the driving force of man eat man. Live simply and let others simply live.

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