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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Che Det on Malaysian Industries - comment 1

By al-Din on October 6, 2009 8:52 PM

We remember your "Buy British Last" and "Look East" policies. You put the brave stand and in that way helped propel the country's industries.

Yes, we heard comments in the past by none other than the simpleton that Proton cars not up to standard. We hear Proton begging for partners. We know who is not up to standard!

We hear about liberalisation and globalisation. If the government is not supportive of marketing local industries then they cannot be competitive. What can we offer at cheaper price then?

The global arena is not a level playing field. Might is right. By that itself we cannot take the onslaught. Being weak, surely we will be enslaved in our minds and loose our freedom. That is the face of 21st century colonialism.

Our leaders are embedded in city life and have forgotten the living conditions in the rurals. The already developed urbanites benefit most from the Iskandar Regional Project. Those poor souls in the kampongs are only taken care of when elections come. Imagine, the road whic leads to my kampong house (which is just half kilometer away from the Tampin-Gemas trunk road) is still lateritic!!

As you said before the politicians know nothing. For some reasons of their own making, their hands are tied at the back. If the government that we elect cannot give support to the business of its citizens then they are in no business to be the government. Time for change!

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