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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Che Det on Open House - comment 1

By al-Din on September 30, 2009 3:35 PM

If our "open house" is strictly for local festivities there is no danger.

The danger is "open house" at the global level especially when Najib is jettisoning the country towards that direction. If he is making unpopular statements and actions on national matters then we fear his capability internationally.

Singapore is having an open house at the tail end of the Peninsular - dirt cheap water, plenty of sand (to narrow the Straits), housing and land for its citizens. I first commented on this while Muhyiddin was still the MB.

Yet, this neighbour tells you what and want not to do. This bridge no that bridge yes. To relate this to a layman situation, when I want to entent my kitchen ( to have more space for open house) within the compound, I don't have to ask approval from the neighbour.

The Defense Minister nonchalantly said Indonesia had illegally entered our airspace 13 times. What should he think he should do when someone broke into his house in Bagan Datoh or elsewhere even once?

Enough of the open houses held here by the foreigners in the past - Portuguese, Dutch and British. The next one meng-antu-ya is Uncle Sam who is Jewish now.

Our ignorance, state of technology, incapable leadership is an open house for plunder under the pretext of globalisation.

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