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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Che Det on Buses for Rapid KL: comment 2

By al-Din on October 27, 2009 10:47 PM

We cannot be our brother's keeper anymore - Melayu tolong Melayu. Lebih banyak Melayu khianat Melayu. Lahap makan. Balun semua. Kacang lupakan kulit. Harap pagar pagar makan padi.

Baik kita jadi anau dalam belukar. Tetapi setakat mana lagipun ramai tak mampu. We need good governance for our wellbeing.

We have been given centuries of time. Time is no more on our side. We are desperate people indeed. We have been transformed into megalomaniacs. Go for the kill now. Sempat lagi bertaubat.

The masjid is becoming less of Rumah Allah. Members for the Jawatankuasa Masjid are UMNO appointed and usually the wrong people because of personal interests. In my (new) qariah, no general meeting has been conducted for the last 5 years. Friday collections amount to about RM1300 per month. No financial statement is made. People are disgruntled and groupings arise. Is UMNO for Allah!

Forewarned "Zaman beredar, pusaka bergilir" to quote Rais Yatim.

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