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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Che Det on Lingam Tapes: Comment

By al-Din on October 24, 2009 11:20 PM

Would I shake hands with Lingam? Surely I would for old times sake. I suppose that's the gregarious Lingam I knew during 6th Form in Seremban. He was in the Arts and I was in the Sciences.

Only Tun knows the hurtache of being insinuated over the Lingam tapes. Current events and the Net has vindicated Tun to some extent. Who were the culprits behind the ill-intended Commission? Beware PRU13.

Now that a Commission job 'completed' what about a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into possible abuses of power by the nefarious one*:

i) was public money involved (if so how much?) when he made 33 visits to the Los Angeles cancer clinic?
ii) was cronyism and conflict of interests involved with his overtures as a Premier to Scomi, his son-in-law's business concern?
iii)how much public money spent during his tenure to print and place his signature posters and billboards all over the country?
iv) when he signed the "Oil for Food" deal for the hungry and dying Iraqis, was there ex gratia of any kind in return?
v)what were his interests really during the many years as Minister of Foreign Affairs?

* pardon my language. He started it all with his devious acts to his predecessor PM Dr Mahathir (the country suffered too), and bullshitting such as "Be My Friend", "Anwar got the best lawyers", Tak Nak ....

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