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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Che Det on Sound Bites - the US Dollar: Comment 2

By al-Din on October 20, 2009 12:59 PM

The problem of ideas - too many people giving too many dead ideas. Dead ideas bring wastage apart from other detrimentals to the country. The leaders (think) just sock them to the rakyat and they can take it even if bitter. What can they do? Now the opposition is coming strong and the rakyat go to the streets. Fed up.

Examples of dead ideas:

KJ - proposed youth bank; wanted to be the youngest PM (deadly); did he personally sent the international passport to Anwar?; etc

Kalimullah - KJ's promoter, NST's demise etc.

UUM - giving award to the destroyer

Terengganu (MB) - common toilet in schools, holiday for problem couples, collapsed stadium etc

Khir Toyo - broom master, pharonic residence ...

Nazri - proposed Mahathir to resign UMNO, Minister of Parliment (if head count is the responsibility measure than every kampong should have a Minister) ..

Isa - ADUN N31, pelandok=babi

1Najib - 1Malaysia (1suara, 1lagu, 1pemikiran ...), Akuinas, army town, 2nd bridge (got kicked in the arse by the Sultan), approved visit by Mr Bloodied Hands...

Police - watch towers along roadways (even monkeys don't climb them!)...

Pak Lah - too many to list

Dr Mahathir - appointed Lah as PM!

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