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Saturday, May 7, 2011


The conquistadores' motto "Gold, God, Glory" (not necessarily in that order) inspired them to East. Spices was gold then.
. Afonso D'Albuquerque conquest of Melaka, 1511. The Nusantara was then open to proselytization.

. Portuguese coin in use in Melaka. The cross becoming more evident.

On March 17, 1521 Magellan made landfall in the Philippines at an uninhabited islet of Homonhon, south of Samar. When they sailed to Limasawa, another island south of Leyte, Enrique (a Malay) was made to good use to communicate in Malay with Rajah Kolambu, king of the island-kingdom. Magellan was zealous in converting the Malay natives to Christianity under the guise of friendship and show of force that bedazzled them. Out of fear and bewilderment on the part of Rajah Kolambu and his subjects, along with his brother Rajah Siagu, they kneeled and kissed the cross of the Spaniards. That was on 31 March, 1521.

Francis Xavier (1506-1553) the Jesuit's apostle to the East visited Melaka 3 times and translated several Christian works into Malay.

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