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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My comment with revision on Just Read blog, May 3rd: Osama's death: What justice is Obama talking?

The US is a crusader state.
 Front cover of "Holy War: The Crusades and their Impact on Today's World" by Karen Amstrong, 2001.

After the announcement, US is cushioning the would-be revenge to Pakistan and get Saudi to bankroll. The latter is nervous about protests, hence Osama got to be killed lest he might stoke the protest to a peoples' revolution. He had an axe to grind regarding US military base in Riyadh. Anyway, with the turmoil in the Middle East Osama's usefullness to the US has expired, according to Robert Fisk.

Osama was somewhere in Pak-Afg when the 9/11 happened. He may be indirectly involved as to giving instructions.

Bush was at the White House when Iraq was attacked. Definitely, he was directly and indirectly involved in the war and follow-up massacre of half million Iraqis as to orders, approving budgets for armaments, warships and fighter jets, military might ...

They kill don't they?
Battle between Custer and Sioux Indians, 1876.

A-bomb blast at Hiroshima, Aug 6, 1945
So who is the Mother of All Terrorists! Who is the Axis of All Evils? Justice is not done yet. May Allah grant justice for He only knows.

Due to years of incessant media bombardment on terrorism-Osama-Muslims we have been indoctrinated, side-tracked to the truth, become whimpish and dare not associate with anything Osama.

Syahidul Osama.

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