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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Osama didn't start 9/11. The Belfour Declaration of 1948 did when the state of Israel was created.

The US supported Israel in all forms and at all levels of atrocities committed to the Palestinians since then, now and future.

Before attacking IRAQ under pretension of WMD the whole populace was beforehand tortured with years of no-fly zone and sanctions.

They bombed Iraq, the cradle of civilisation of Mesopotamia. Iraq's history destroyed and without history it's humiliating.

Hussein, the son of an African Muslim, head of the crusader state along with his honchos watched 'Geronimo' and the dying moments of a son of Ben Laden, the keeper (maintenance) of Masjidil Haram.

Syahidul Osama

Obama's watching the replay of the kill on the screen was a re-enactment of Richard the Crusader watching the slaughter of thousands of Muslims during the crusade.

At Richard's last effort to retake Jerusalem from Saladin he turned back and sailed to England. He should be called Richard the Meek Heart instead of Richard the Lion Heart.

Richard watching the slaughter from the balcony on the left.

Bush and Blair the Mothers of All Terrorists. Rivers of Muslim blood on their hands.


  1. 1917 was the year my father was born. It's sad that the Arabs have to bear the burden of the 'problem' that the Europeans had unloaded onto them.

  2. Was looking in the map at the places you mentioned in your postings and found Socotra which I want to find more info.

  3. Salam, delayed from posting for the last few days. Socotra is an island off the coast of Yemen and Somalia. You must visit it while it's still pristine. BTW, do read this charming novella by Kamsiah M Bostock called Malacca: A Romance. "Kehidupan penduduk Melaka dari kaca mata Melayu, baik orang bangsawan mahupun orang biasa".

  4. From Wikipedia - seems that Socotra, a historical island is a forgotten place in the Arab world especially in these days of protest. Day temperature around 28 but cooler at night ie. high diurnal range. People speak semitic language. President of Yemen has a palace there.

    Socotra is a choice, much undisturbed. Syria is nice too but trouble now.

    I'll look for the book. Thanks. My comment in your last posting failed to appear.

  5. You're welcome. I'm sorry but the posting, the comments and my replies were all wiped out during those few days of technical glitch. Socotra does receive good reviews from those who had been there. Bon voyage!