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Monday, November 7, 2011


Blogger Remgold of OpEd (thank you) said put pictures and walla I have to dig for them from various sources - books, magazines, and old pictures from own/family or relatives' albums. The thousands of slides in my collection are yet untouched to be digitalised and saved.

Debonair, a nice sounding word. I have heard of it before but does not know when to use it in writing or conversation. Looking up into the dictionary, it means - gentle, courteous, urbane; light hearted.

While rummaging through my sister-in-law's picture album (and to put the old pictures into a new album), I found a group picture of the band "The Debonairs" which was probably active in the 70's. I do not know how famous they were. Perhaps the members are still around but not as handsome as before!

How about "The Debonairs" for entertainment!

How about "The Debonairs" for entertainment!

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