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Sunday, November 27, 2011

CAIRO, 1890

Outer entrance of the citadel (R) which was built by Saladin in the 12th century.

Cairo surrendered to Napoleon in 1798. The Frech were later driven out of Egypt by the English.

Arabi, an orator of Al Azhar product led a popular revolt against the English in 1881. His battle cry was "Egypt for Egyptians". He was captured and exiled in Ceylon.
In 1879, Tufik (L) repaced his father, Ismail as the Khedive of Egypt. He banned gambling throughout the country.

It was during Ismail's governancy that the Suez Canal was opened and the extravanza costed him 21 million dollars which made almost a bankcrupt. The kings and princes/princesses of Europe were at the lavish party.

The Ottoman Sultan displaced him and made Tufik as the successor.

The chief wife of Ismail with a private band (L).

An Egyptian dancing girl (L). The men's favourite pastime was playing chess and watching dances at times perhaps.

The road to Choubra (R) where Mehmet, predecessor to Ismail had his summer residence.

Porch of Al Azhar (L). The university was founded in the 9th century.

Napoleon used to goto Al Azhar in full Arab robe to listen to the Quran recitation. It is believed that he was a Muslim.

Students in the outer court, Al Azhar (L).

Praying at the mosque built by Mehmet (R).

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