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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sex is in the air. The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) made it known that they are enjoying 4+1, 3+1, 2+1 sexploits. Ashaari, long gone can still excite them! Alas, their book is banned, we would not know the details.

There must be something missing in the majority of 1+1 romp. The enlightened PIL (Persatuan Isteri Lebih) members are quietly keeping their secret.

The ancient Indian civilisation came up with a dogma on sexual customs and techniques 'Kama Sutra ' centuries ago. Richard Burton had its translated and published in 1962. Have yet to read the copy  and do not know what it says about orgies.

The many sultans, kings and emperors of past kingdoms kept harems for indulgence.

This African man has 40 wives. Lucky guy!

How does a man cope with many wives. No problem. Today we have many types of enablers, pills, rub-ons, supplements - Viagra, gambir Sarawak, ubat kuat, minyak belacak, dhab etc. that purportedly do the job.

Live dhab at Sunday market, Ipoh.

This could be the first Malay sexology book  by a lady author published in mid 70s by Syarikat H.C Muhammad Abd. Rahman, Marang.

The book says one can tell a few things by looking where the tahi lalat is, shape of face, nose etc.

Walla hu alam.

Pantun malam pertama dimuatkan dalam buku.

Apa buku panduan yang digunakan dalam kursus kahwin? Bab2 seperti ini tak masukkah?


  1. OWC's book. Some snippets:

    Page 2: Wives think that sex... cannot be indulged in freely and that they cannot increase their knowledge and ways of doing it. Their shyness has no place...
    Page 20: For the pious wife who wants to be 100 per cent obedient to Allah’s commands, it is compulsory for her to obey her husband.
    Page 34: Intercourse between a husband and wife is the most effective and productive form of physical exercise. It is not wrong for a man... to invite his wife for sex as much as possible.
    Page 62: If your husband is facing difficulties, cheer him up with entertaining words and actions. Find ways to be your husband’s heroine and angel.
    Page 77: When my husband whispers into my heart softly and tenderly, it shows God wants him to give me love, youthfulness and joy.
    Page 58: Make your home your heaven. For if the husband and wife are one soul, one body and one mind, they will always enjoy the peak of satisfying sex.
    Page 83: Why do almost all newly wedded teenage Muslim girls reject their husbands’ advances for sex on the first night? In Islam, wives who reject are cursed by Allah and the angels throughout the night.
    Page 85: Illicit sex, so dirty, is talked about so often, sold openly in the streets; yet, clean sex is kept unspoken.

  2. Anon,
    Thank you for giving some insight on the controversial OWC book. The media, perhaps biased has highlighted only the group acts but not the practical and rational aspects.

    Page 83, I have reservations because things may not be smooth on the 1st night especially for the wife in circumstances when she is young, ignorant, frightened and for whatever reasons she is not able to consumate immediately. On the days following she may be more willing.