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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Malaysia is blessed with many highland resorts where spring climate prevail throughout the year. They are great getaway places within the country to enjoy the cool weather.

Dr. Mahathir praised the development and beauty of Borneo Heights (chedet, Jan 4) previously known as Penrissen Heights in the Kelingkang Range. He enjoyed staying 3 days up there.

Hotel and chalets by the golf course (R).

Another highland area of interest is Ba Kelalan, a highland valley of the Kelabit people far to the northeast of Borneo Heights in the Apo Duat Range along the Kalimantan border is of similar altitute, 1100m.

Gunung Jerai and Bkt. Larut over here are of equivalent altitude. In such high places the average temperature ranges between 17-25C.

G. Penrissen (L), bottom left.

Ba Kelalan (R), middle far right.

Chalets by beautifullylandscaped water garden (L).

Vantage point at the precipitous border with Kalimantan (R).

Vast vista of tropical green forest in Kalimantan.

Pak Tagal (L, right)), head of a well known Kelabit family.

Apple (R) of tropically adapted variety of Rome Beauty grown commercially at Batu, Jawa Timur can be grown in the highlands.

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