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Monday, January 2, 2012


For many years (1980s) PERKIM published the Islamic Herald, a bimonthly magazine of scholarly standing. Tunku was the President of the dakwah and welfare organisation then.

In the late 90s I visited RISEAP (Regional Islamic Secretariat for East Asia and Pacific) office in the PERKIM building, Jalan Ipoh. The Manager, a former army officer though doing his best to organise dakwah activities found books and publications a nuisance! According to him, all the books had been carded away. A Mat Salleh (convert) officer was asked to leave.

This is how we manage Islam putting a wrong man at the right place! Was it just because the Minister in the PM Department incharge of Islamic Affairs a former brigadier?

Excerpts of an article from IH vol. 11 no. 5&6: Prophecies of our Prophet in Hindu scriptures.

(Scripture: Bhavishya Purana Parv 3, Khand 3, Adhya 3, Shalok 5-8)

(Scripture: Atharva Veda, Kanda 20, Sukma 127, Mantra 1-3)


  1. They talk about Muhammad being mentioned in the Hinduic scripts. Even few logics are also presented. But the thing is they know not Hinduism in deep.

    Do you know why a horse has its one leg in the air while its three legs in the ground? ...
    I bet no one does... The four legs of the horse represents the four Vedas (Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva Vedas).
    Here's the truth ... Ved Vyas was only the knower of Rig Veda, Sam Veda and Yajur Veda except for the Atharva Veda.
    Atharva Veda was never explained by anyone... I mean none, not even Vyas! So, one of the few tasks of Kalki becomes - to explain the knowledge of Atharva Veda (symbollically - the fourth leg of Kalki's horse).

    I'm saying this because Prophet Muhammad had never ever explained the knowledge Atharva Ved in the Mecca, or did he? Please, ask this question to those who claim that Prophet Muhammad to be Kalki.

    But why are the leaders presenting "Muhammad" as "Kalki"? ... You know Why? ... cuz they don't know who Kalki is ... It is just their hunch! ... Yeah, few similarities are presented but I think that isn't fully sufficient to prove that Muhammad is Kalki.

    But on the other hand, (according to my perspective, the perspective that I had developed on my own from the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath), Rasul Muhammad is partially Kalki (in one way)!!! ... Do you wanna know why? ... Then, please read Alif Lam Mim. Alif Lam Mim is
    the Kalki of Hindus!!! And not even the Hindus or the Muslims ever knew of this fact!!!
    Rasul Muhammad's spirit was also present in Kalki (or Mahamati Prannath)!!

    And Mahamati Prannath is Kalki because he had explained the Atharva Veda in its original sense!!! Thus, by explaining Atharva Veda, Mahamati Prannath (the Kalki) has ridden his horse!

    Also download the biography of Mahamati Prannath by clicking here, and read it for yourself if you don't believe me a bit!!!

  2. There is NO God BUT ONE God. God has no partners, children and is nobody's child. There is NONE like God. God is the ONLY CREATOR and everything else is God's creation, including this fellow meher thakur. NO ONE can ever have ' the full authority of God' as claimed by this fellow called Mahamati Pannath.
    Its very simple: As humans, God has given us guidance to live by. Submitting one's will to God's commands is being a Muslim. That is the definition of word Muslim. God chose messengers from mankind to give teach that guidance to the people. EVERY nation/ people had a messenger. EVERY one of us is responsible for their own deeds and God's FINAL JUSTICE will prevail. No one gets ' a free pass' or ' a one way ticket to heaven'! We all get judged by God in the end.
    Islam means submission to ONE and ONLY true God and that what is expected from every human being.