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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Halfway travelling from Spg. Pulai towards Cameron Highlands you may already in the cloudy mist at times.

Now with new easy access via Spg. Pulai and Gua Musang cool Cameron Highlands still proves to be an exotic spot attracting voluminous traffic during holidays.

Back then in 1965, L.L. John Pillay (my former English teacher at Tunku Besar Secondary School, Tampin), Din Merican (Bank Negara), K.C. Vohrah (Ipoh) among many others visited C.H. as indicated in the guest book kept by the local tourist bureau.
There are about 50 old time bungalows, a number of which found perched on hilltops and ridges quite hidden from view by trees and topography.

Familiar tudor-designed landmarks are The Olde Smoke House by the golf course, the Foster Lake House, Habu are still magnificient and well kept.

The Olde Smoke House (L) and Foster Lake House (R).

Not to be missed is the BOH Tea Plantations where you get the whiff of tea leaves being processed at the factory and also the panoramic view of the plantation at its tea outlet.

Tea was first introduced to CH by the Department of Agriculture at its station in Tanah Rata (now under MARDI) when it was just established in 1926. One year old tea stumps of Assam and Manipuri tea were originally planted. E.A. Cutler was the first resident Agricultural Officer in charge of the station.

The colonial government encouraged private enterprises to open tea estates and by 1940 BOH had planted 1500acres, the largest. Others include E. Auker (600ac), Shum Yip Leong (270ac), Cheong Kim Sang (44ac), A. Huntsman (40ac), Mrs. E.A. Lyford (12ac), Suparshad & Bros (12ac), Shozo Matsukawa (10ac), Lew King (10ac), and Ng Ying Fong (9ac).

Compared to my small farm (2ac) yet rented out to grow cabbages,  am a very late starter indeed. But then the farm is the highest in the clouds of CH.

Shall I build a loghome to replace the current hut? Not unless I want to stay isolated up there!

In the meantime if you are looking for a fully furnished 3-bedroom holiday apartment right in Tanah Rata town, contact me for booking:

Tel: 013 3763857

Aprtment's address:
Parkview Apartment, Jln Camelia, T. Rata (1st floor, facing garden).

R - Spacious living room (far end), dining and kitchen.

Rate (which may depend on the number of persons):

Weekends/public holidays: RM350
Weekdays: RM300


  1. perhaps another good reason to be coming back to CH is Gallery House of Magic Potions at Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata

  2. Wonder how's the traffic on the weekdays during school holidays in December? From Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday? Please provide information if possible. Really appreciate that. Thank You.

  3. CH is now very accessible from 4 directions - via Tapah, Gua Musang, Spg Pulai abd K. Lipis. Added to this it is strawberry and temperate egetable country. These partly explain why during long holidays and even weekends, traffic is very heavy especially from Tringkap to Brinchang. During normal weekdays the traffic is low and pleasant for visitors.

    1. Thank you for your reply. However, i've been searching and obtaining information of the traffic for normal weekdays and weekends and holidays but not having any clue of the traffic during weekdays of school holidays in December which i planned to go with my friends. Wonder if you could provide any information for my knowledge before further planning of mine? Thank you in advance.

  4. December is the busiest season for CH due to school, X'mas and end of the year holidays. Well you have to be patient with the heavy just like other visitors and book accomodation months ahead.